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Growing up in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to have been exposed to a melting pot of diverse authentic and exciting cuisine from around the world. This opened my eyes and inspired a lifelong interest in international cultures and a passion for global cuisine.

Whether at home or travelling, I am always on a personal culinary voyage of discovery to find and experience the local food culture. I passionately believe that food is an international language. My experiences have proved that language barriers do not exist between people, especially where food is concerned. The enjoyment and appreciation of food is universal.

Cuisine and culture ultimately go hand in hand, they are interchangeable. One cannot exist without the other. Traditional dishes and ingredients tell the story of a place and of a people. The cuisine creates a cultural textbook. It is an honest historic representation of the people who live there, who have lived there and where they came from. History exists in each of our meals and the ingredients they are made from. This is what is so exciting about food and why it has so much to teach us.

From local dives to fine dining establishments, I will travel (and have) off the beaten path for a taste of the local culture wherever I am. Food is more than sustenance; it is an experience and, oftentimes, a journey that leaves lasting memories of people and place.I want to do justice to my culinary adventures by sharing my stories in this blog to fellow foodies and travelers.

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