about me

I will admit to having a severe case of wanderlust and can’t seem to stay put knowing that there is so much to see and taste in this world of ours. I spent three years living in the tapas capital of Southern Spain, returned to the States to live in the craft beer mecca of Central Oregon and am currently living in spicy India, dividing my time between beautiful Palolem Beach in Goa and the cultural epicenter of India, Varanasi. In addition to living abroad, I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, the US, Southeast Asia and Mexico where I have discovered new flavors and experienced many grand adventures.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I was fortunate to have been exposed to a melting pot of diverse authentic and exciting cuisine from around the world. This opened my eyes and inspired a lifelong interest in international cultures and a passion for global cuisine.

For over 5 years I worked as the primary food writer for Central Oregon Magazine (formerly Gusto Magazine) covering new restaurants, local food destinations, cocktail and coffee culture as well as profiles of prominent food professionals and events. Most recently, my articles have also appeared in Goa Streets Magazine as well as travel and food magazines and blogs.

My experience and passion for food extends beyond the pages of magazines. I have opened a restaurant in beautiful Palolem Beach in South Goa featuring the bounty of amazing fresh produce, fish and seafood that is available locally to create seasonal menus packed with the flavors of India, Goa, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Greece, Italy and the good ol’ USA.

When I’m not cooking, I lead “Foodie Tours” both in Goa from September – April and also in Varanasi during the off season to unveil the mysteries of North Indian and Goan cuisine and give visitors a chance to sample the local dishes and ingredients while learning about its history.

Travel and food have always been an integral part of my life story and continues to serve as my greatest inspiration.