photo of the week: “goan jungle mushrooms”

Featured This Month: Goan Cuisine


My lovely Goan neighbors got a large stash of local Goan mushrooms fresh from the jungle that were absolutely amazing, delicate and flavorful. They were kind enough to share their simple but “oh my god – so good” dish with me. Lucky lucky me.


Cleaned and shredded mushrooms with chopped onion, chopped dried red chilies and grated fresh coconut and a bit of salt and water cooked until soft in the pressure cooker. Yum is all I have to say! The mushrooms were so subtle tasting and extremely flavorful at the same time with its delicate broth that had a touch of sweetness from the coconut and richness from the chilis, onions and mushrooms. The mushrooms were served with the local Goan butterfly bread which is perfect for sopping up the left over juices.

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