Start-Up Business Packages

Blue design - Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

Launching a new professional online business for services or products is so exciting and can also be a tremendous undertaking....
So, let's get you started off on the right foot!

Especially if you feel a little (or a lot) overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  What’s the solution, then? A well-organized process and as much support as you need throughout the project. 

Let’s round out your brand’s online presence by creating a custom site and social media presence that brings your business to life online. No more stressing about the way your website functions or how to get “the look” you’re trying to achieve. That’s where my techie passion and expertise come in to play. We will collaborate to achieve your vision!

Starting a new business can be expensive but I will provide you with and set up professional tools that are free and let you spend your money elsewhere. Save time and energy and money with my “Start-Up Comprehensive Business Package” that will get you up and running fast! 

In our current situation, we are all looking to transition to our dream jobs and take advantage of the gift of time we’ve been given. Don’t waste the time trying to figure out all of this on your own. Sure, the information is out there but just think of how many more clients and sales you can get if everything if your business is up and running at lightning speed.  With my experience and expertise, I will get you up and running fast so you can concentrate on honing your products and services and reaching out to potential clients while I do the behind the scenes work! Your new professional website and professional systems will be your calling card and clients will come running to work with you. 

Get your working systems + work flow in place before you launch so you won’t be catching up and projecting an unorganized working system.

I get that this IS personal, it’s not just business. Your hopes and dreams are being invested here and I want you to know that I’m listening. As a fellow entrepreneur, apart from being so exciting, I know it can be overwhelming and, at times, scary but it doesn’t have to be. It will be fun and seamless! 

Let’s have fun with it!

15 day Challenge!

Let me create your “Start’Up Comprehensive Business Package” and I will give you a 15 day business plan to implement on your own while I create your website with the templates I provide you. And in 15 days you will have your plan in place and be implement ready to implement once the web site is complete. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will start getting clients in 15 days….but you will have your launching pad in place to build on. 

The Process

"I want it all! Let's do it!

Your website is just the beginning of a Start-Up Online Business and with this in-depth and cohesive package you will have the tools to quickly jump right in to the fun part of selling your products & services and watching your business grow.

There’s still work to be done but with this package, the base will be built….it is your foundation to continue to build upon and let the creativity begin!

You’ve Got This! 


WordPress "Launch My Business" Website Package
Comprehensive Business Package

Starts at $1,800

Shopify "Silver" Website Package
Comprehensive Business Package

Starts at $1,900

Etsy "Standard" Shop Package
Comprehensive Business Package

Starts at $1,300

Package Details

~ “Launch My Business” ~ “Launch My Business” –  ~ 5 Page WordPress “Launch my Business” Website ~    


~ 5 Page “Silver” Shopify Website  ~


~ 1 “Standard” Etsy Shop ~


Time Saving & Money Generating Business Management Tools

I will set up your desired Task ManageTask Manager:  Choice of Asana or Dubsado task manager applications created and pre=-configured Asana or Dubsadowith your customized business contracts, on-boarding client correspondence, project templates and check lists in place. Seamlessly organized and ready to use with just  click of a button. 

Even~ Evernote Note-Taking Tool: Evernote is an amazing note and time saving online tool that will change your life by de-cluttering your desktop and actual table top. Can be used and synced from multiple device. You can finally get rid of all your sticky notes!

~ Hootsuite  Social Media Marketing Tool: Buffer  or HootSuite will let you pre-schedule in bulk your pre-written Social Media posts across multiple channels while you work on more important creative business building tasks.

~ Canva Graphic Design: Canva is your go-to graphic design tool with thousands of stylish and current customizable templates essential for all digital marketing. 

~ Bookkeeping/InvoicingBook Keeping: Wave or Stripe Set up linked to your bank, logo, invoices. You can enter transactions, use for billing and track income & expenses.

Google Analytics set up and website integration

Free Must-Have Templates:Free Templates

Content Blog Calendar/Schedule Template ~
~ Blog Template ~
~ Social Media Posting Calendar Template ~
~ Contract Templates:  Customized to Your Business ~
~ Client Contact Letter Template ~
~ List of free resources ~
~Tutorial Links  ~


The tools I’m including are top shelf tools that professionals and beginners alike use on a daily basis. Let’s get you started with the free versions and get to know what works and what doesn’t for your style of working and your industry. All have upgrades as your business grows and warrants more bells & whistles!

 By using these tools & systems your process and workflow with clients from beginning to end will be seamless and will save valuable time (aka money). Clients will have confidence that they are in good hands. And happy customers turn into repeat customers. Step back and watch your client base grow!

We are in the business of building relationships, not customers, so the more systems you have in place to automate mundane and time sucking duties will free you to really bond and listen to your clients requests so you can better advise and provide for them.


IndiBlu Boutique - Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire

Amy was a great Virtual Assistant!

Amy worked as an integral part of my and my husbands small business. It is a great pleasure to give my high praises and rave about Amy Perez as a Virtual Assistant.

She has the ability to manage and implement all kinds of administrative tasks at a high corporate level that required complex International travel planning and detailed government expense reports in addition to Quick Books tasks. She also managed both our busy personal and business calendars. She is eager to learn new things and is willing to jump into new areas. Amy will be definitely be a positive addition to you and your team.

I Totally Recommend Amy!

I totally recommend Amy! I was stuck with trying to write by website text, and I hire her because I know how expertly well she can transform and edit text. She did a great job editing and transforming my website content into something attractive easy to understand for the clients. Thanks Amy!!

Nandini Shukla

Yoga Studio Owner, India

Above and Beyond Your Typical Assistant!

I am a fashion designer of sustainable and ethical fashion designs. I enlisted Amy’s help for a sourcing trip I was planning to India where she was living at the time. Amy was amazing during my travels in India. She helped organize my trip through  in-depth research for sourcing of textiles and production facilities as well as creating a detailed and complex travel (and accommodation) itinerary  where we visited 6 cities in 10 days as well as coordinating site visits with all vendors.She was basically my tour guide and personal assistant. A very punctual, organized and trustworthy person.

Amy has helped me with so many tasks related to my business including website editing and greatly improving the copy for my website. I highly recommend her services.

Savannah Morrow

Fashion Designer, Los Angeles

Amy to the Rescue!

In the midst of cleaning out 50 years of a family’s accumulations in a very large home and documenting things to put in storage, Amy came to the rescue in a timely, organized, and incredibly gracious and professional way.  Nothing was too complicated for Amy: she helped with every aspect of organizing, packing, storing, and providing the mental and professional acuity to get me through a huge job. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Patricia Dailey

Colombia University, NY - Professor

Organizer Extraordinaire!

Amy is an organizer extraordinaire!  First off she gave me a fantastic game plan and lots of support to help go through all my paperwork and get my office organized.  It felt so good to finally get rid of the clutter that had been building up.   She also helped me respond to emails as I had so many to get through.  Amy’s intelligent, organized and really fun to work with.  I highly recommend working with her!

Leslie Newton

Newlie - Business Owner. Los Angeles

mobile: 323.825.1852