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I am always in search of the next adventure, near or far. I have three rules that I always follow when traveling: 1) Read everything you can ahead of traveling; 2) As soon as you arrive at your destination – throw away the guide book and leave the tourist trail far behind and 3) Last but not least, always talk to the locals for they hold the key to all the secrets about local hidden gems.

The most surprising and rewarding moments come when you can let yourself get lost. I have “gotten lost” all over the States, Europe, North Africa, Mexico, Southeast Asia and India. I have had grand adventures, sumptuous meals in exotic locales and met a vast array of wonderful characters along the road.

It takes time to unearth the hidden wonders of the world and, oftentimes, even your back yard. It takes determination and passion and is all part of the exciting journey. Travel changes people, it leaves a distinctive mark and is really the best classroom there is. You always take something with you and hopefully leave a positive mark behind. A single journey can change the course of a life, as it has mine.

Inspired by culture and the unfailing friendliness of strangers encountered along the way across three continents, I am inspired to dig deeper into local cultures through their music, food, art, traditions and daily lives. By sharing my stories on this blog, I hope to inform fellow travelers and inspire soon-to-be fellow travelers.

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Marbella Guide Spain



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